FAQs (Kids, Airports, etc..)

Here are some things you may be wondering:


How can I RSVP?

You may send in the RSVP card in the envelope provided with your invitation. Or, you may respond online.

Which Airport?

Boston Logan International – this is likely the only choice that makes any sense.

Directions for getting from the airport to the hotels (via the ‘T’) will be on our Getting Around page.

Heavens! These Hotels are expensive! Why?

Boston/Cambridge is an easy city – it’s like an overgrown town, you’ll love it. Except if you drive. Boston drivers are the worst. If you drive in Boston you’ll hate everyone. Not just Bostonians, everyone. So our strong recommendation is: stay in the city (Cambridge counts as ‘city’) & take public transportation. We thought about getting a hotel block at a cheaper suburban hotel but then you’ll have to rent a car and the cost will be nearly the same as if you stayed at our hotel blocks in Cambridge. Also you’ll be near lots of good stuff – delicious fancy restaurants, delicious not fancy restaurants, grocery stores, interesting things to look at, beautiful things to look at… etc. Over all, it will be cheaper & you’ll like it more.

If you want a cheaper option, we recommend getting an AirBnB in Cambridge. Find out more on our Hotels page.

How will we get to/ from the reception?

There will be a shuttle – check our our Hotels and Getting Around page for more info! You can also get a taxi there/call one to get home if you wish.

What should I do between the ceremony and reception?

The ceremony will end at about 2:30pm and the reception formally starts at 4:30pm. You may come to the reception venue with us, if you would like, for a bit of a garden party, or you may go to your hotel or to another establishment to relax for a little bit. More info on the shuttle schedule will be located on the Schedule page.

There are things I can’t eat, what should I do about that?

We understand your concerns. We’ll have some (very strictly monitored) no-nut options because we know some of you will die if you eat nuts, and dying not something we will tolerate at our wedding reception.  We’ll indicate things with and without nuts which is to say – there will be some nuts there (there will be some people who are quite odd, of course, and also, there will be some tree nuts/ peanuts). There will also be vegan & vegetarian options (lots of vegetarian, fewer vegan). For the few of you (hello dears!) who have very complicated diets, we’re going to make sure you can eat at least one thing, or set one thing aside for you & if you want to bring supplementary food, that is totally cool with us.


Can we bring our offspring to your wedding and/or reception?

We love offspring! However, we would also love to dancing into the night and converse with our adult friends. So here is our theory:

Bring your kids to the wedding! Seriously- we think (or at least Margaret is very vocal about this) it’s important for kids to be part of the community of people who witness our marriage. The marriage itself is the most important part of what’s happening and we want all of you to see it, to witness it, to participate in this delightful leap of faith we’re making, that’s why we’re inviting you & your kids!

Bring your kids to our reception… IF you’ll stay and dance and talk and have a great time. We’ll have a room set aside in the sprawling Pierce House and if you’re willing to let them sleep somewhere random, they can doze off there when they’re tired– it’ll be sort of quiet in there. Or, you’re willing to deal with the insanity that ensues from children who are up until 10:30pm. Don’t bring your children if it means you’re going to take off at 9pm; we have exciting things planned for after 9pm! Or at least, we’d like you to be there to make exciting things happen.

If you do want to bring your kids – let us know – you can RSVP your kids if you haven’t already on the RSVP page. The Pierce House has lots of lawn to run around in (and house has lots of rooms to explore). There is also be a small pond at the Pierce House so for very small children who can’t swim you probably don’t want to leave them totally unattended.

part a. This party sounds awesome, but I think my kids won’t enjoy it…do you know good babysitters in Boston/Cambridge?

Yes! We do – we know lots of parents in Boston & they know babysitters. I can probably get you any kind of babysitter you want – one w/ a PhD in child psychology maybe! I know a lot of people w/ PhDs in child psychology. Seriously – if you need a sitter, please let us know – RSVP page is the right place to do that too, and we will put you in touch w/ a friend who can help.

What’s the dress code?

To give you an idea, the groom will be wearing a suit and tie. (This is technically called ‘informal attire‘ to distinguish it from formal (white tie) and semi-formal (black tie).) We’ll take you in whatever outfit you decide to wear, but you may look out of place if you come in sweatpants.

What should I do in Boston while I’m here?
Do you have any recommendations for places to eat?

We have recommendations for each, but they aren’t typed up yet.  We’ll update this page with answers when we do.


Will there be any tapirs at the wedding? What are good topics of conversation if seated next to a tapir*?

Unfortunately, we have not rented any tapirs for the event. If you would like to organize this as a surprise to the couple, we will be very surprised!

*True question, from a real guest! Certainly, our favorite FAQ so far.

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