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GETTING TO THE WEDDING (St. John the Evangelist Church, Cambridge)

Address: 2254 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140       Map

From Davis Square T-stop to the Church (7 min walk): Take the Red Line to Davis Square T-stop in Cambridge. As you leave the T, turn towards the  Holland Street exit and go up the escalators. When you get to the top of the escalators exit through the right hand doors, you should be on Holland Street, walk towards the right, past the Somerville Theater, until you reach the end of the block, this should be Dover Street. Turn Right on Dover and walk for about 6 min, until you reach Massachusetts Ave. In front of you is the church, cross the street and come on in!

Kendall Square (Marriott) to Davis – 3 stops; Harvard (Charles Hotel) to Davis -2 stops; Porter (Mary Prentiss) to Davis – 1 stop!


We have reserved blocks in some hotels which are in Cambridge, so they’re relatively close by, and on the Red T line. We live in Porter Square, right on the Red T line (5 min walk from the T). The church (St. John the Evangelist) is also walkable from Porter Square (15 min walk from the T) or Davis Square (10 min walk from the T). Brunch will be on the Red line & the rehearsal dinner is in Cambridge. Also, the Red line goes straight into Boston (2 stops from Kendall) to the Boston Common (Park Street Stop) for more exploring, or, if you’re feeling chipper, you can walk there, just take the MIT or Longfellow bridge & look for the golden capital dome.  The only thing not convenient to these hotels is the reception – so we’ll have a shuttle that goes back & forth to these hotels from the reception!

When you look for hotels do you think to yourself….

“I heart the Internet” (aka the non-hotel option)

Excellent! For you we suggest AirBNB, by far the most economical choice with the most flexibility in terms of where you stay. It’s also great if you want to get together with some other guests to get a larger apartment together. There are 91 rentals in the Porter/Harvard Square area which are under $175/night (link to this search on AirBNB). Of course, it’s an AirBNB, read the comments & ratings carefully to know what you’re getting yourself into. That having been said, Adrian & I love AirBNB, we traveled around Iceland and France using it!

“Alrighty, Let’s Find a Hotel” (aka the cheapest hotel, still well-located)

Lovely! For you we have the Boston Marriott Cambridge. (Click here to reserve in this block.)  Our least expensive hotel option ($179/night). The shuttle will come here following our reception. Located in the heart of Kendall Square you can view the unusual (and impressive) architectural choices made by MIT in recent years & soak in the industrious energy while imaging Adrian scurrying to class as a lad. There are great eating/drinking/exploring choices in Kendall Square!

“I want to stay in an inn!” (aka, the inn option, slightly more expensive)

The Mary Prentiss Inn ($219-$239/ night) is located about a five minute walk from our place in Porter Square. (Call 617.661.2929 and ask for the Sheridan-Bischoff wedding block). It’s is walkable to the church and to Porter, Harvard and Davis Squares (along with some of the lesser known and excellent restaurants in North Cambridge). If you want the most restaurants and bars within a 20 minute walk, this might be the spot for you.

“Luxury! I love hotels!” (aka, the priciest option, right in Harvard Square)

Awesome! For you we have the Charles Hotel. (Click here to go directly to our room block reservation.), our more expensive option ($279/night – mention the Sheridan/Bischoff Wedding). The shuttle will come here following our reception. Located in the heart of Harvard Square you can view the usual (and lovely) architectural choices made by the puritans! And you can soak in the history, while imaging Margaret cruising by on her bike as she rides to work in Boston. There are great eating/drinking/exploring options in Harvard Square!

To Stay Close to the Reception Venue: There are a group of hotels (link to TripAdvisor) that are close to the reception venue (The Pierce House: 17 Weston Road, Lincon, MA 01773). We haven’t booked a block of rooms in any of these but if you’re looking for something close to the reception, with lots of parking, and maybe slightly less expensive, I’d check these options out! Fair warning, though, you’ll almost definitely need to rent or have your own car to stay at these hotels.


Boston is a great city with a lot of things to do (and possibly the worst drivers in all of America). We’ll probably have a separate post about all the things to do but in the meantime, we’d like to encourage you to take full use of the T. It’s relatively inexpensive and quite extensive. America’s oldest subway*!

Boston also has a great bike share program called Hubway that can help get you around Cambridge, Boston and Somerville.

There are also taxis, as well as plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers.

Shuttles. We have shuttles taking guests from the reception or their hotels to the reception venue and then back to hotels. See the schedule here.

*This claim is disputed, or at the very least qualified, but let’s state it axiomatically for the sake of civic pride.

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