Schedule & Locations

Friday, August 22rd:

  • 5-9pm Rehearsal dinner for the wedding party at Atwood’s Tavern, Cambridge, MA.
  • 9:30-11ishpm Everyone is welcome to join us at Atwood’s for a drink!

Saturday, August 23rd:

  • 1:30pm Wedding ceremony at St. John the Evangelist, Cambridge, MA
  • 2:45pm Shuttles leave from St. John to go to the Pierce House for people going to the garden party. (See next item.)
  • 3-4:15pm Rest time or you may join the couple for a garden party at the reception venue.
  • 4:15pm Shuttles pick up guests at the Charles Hotel (on University Rd) and the Marriott.
  • 4:20pm Shuttle picks up guests at the Mary Prentiss (Mass Ave at Prentiss St.)
  • 4:30pm-11pm Reception at the Pierce House, Lincoln, MA
  • 9:30pm First set of shuttles leave the Pierce House, returning to the Charles Hotel, the Mary Prentiss and the Marriott.
  • 10:45pm Final set of shuttles leave the Pierce House for the three hotels.

*shuttles will be provided between the church/ hotels and the reception venue in the afternoon and back after the reception. See the Getting Around page for more info.

Sunday, August 24th:

  • 11am-1pm Open house brunch in the Longfellow Room, Charles Hotel, Cambridge, MA



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