The Save the Date

Hello Friends & Family,

Some of you have asked about the save the dates so we thought we’d tell you what you have there in your hands. We liked the idea of doing a little art project for the save the dates, so we created a custom stamp (designed by groomsman David Franusich) and stamped old photographs to make the post cards.


We got the idea for old photographs because this summer when I (Margaret) was traveling in Lima, Peru I  happened into a antiques shop where I found a bin of old photographs. While I was looking through it I was charmed by finding some pictures of Detroit, MI (my home state), areas of Pennsylvania (Adrian’s home state), Capri, Italy (close to where I lived as a kid), and Paris, France (where we visited last year). It might not deserve the weight I gave to it but I guess if you’re far away from your betrothed, a few weeks after you got engaged, romance feels like it’s everywhere, even in the musty old antique shops of Peru’s capital. So I paid a high price (thank you, bad Spanish & poor currency conversion skills!) and got out of there with a handful of photographs that seemed like they were from our ancient history.

For the save the dates, we bought most of the photos from ebay to supplement the Peru photos, some of them are old families photographs, some are from pictures from our national parks, some are just random pictures of the sea, golf courses, woods.

We got to pick a picture for each of you, it’s a personalized save the date! I had an amazing trip with my good friend (and one of my men of honor), Brent Rowe to Yellowstone in our youth, so for him, a picture from our national parks. For each of you we picked pictures we thought you’d find pretty, things which reminded us of you, or just something we thought would amuse you.

One of the lovely things that Adrian says about getting married is that together, we are making things new. So enjoy! And mark down that date, we want to celebrate with you!


Margaret & Adrian

PS. Oh yeah….. about that tapir. So. The tapir is just for fun. One of the reasons Adrian & I are marrying each other is because we take pleasure in the absurd. The tapir is, himself, a totally absurd animal. Also, the idea of having a tapir on our save the dates is really funny to us. We thought of other symbols or mascots for our wedding, things that made a lot of sense but seemed a lot less funny than the Tapir. So put on your party hats, this wedding is going to be a celebration of life, in all it’s amusing, abundant, raucous beauty.

PPS. For the fascinated… here are some more Tapirs🙂

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